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Each position offers competitive salary and bonus plan, excellent benefits, and unlimited career potential.To see current job openings click on Apply Now

Why Work With Mindpool

Flexible Management of work hours

We work 5 days/ week with 9 hour work day. We wish to allow the flexibility to any individual to leave early on any given day if they so choose. Therefore if an individual works half day on any given day the individual does not lose their salary or their leaves.

Reward Point Mechanism

Our employees are rewarded by awards in regardsto the various contributions or achievements that the employee makes to the organization such as:
  • Referring friends for placements
  • Making a sale (Except For the Marketing Department)
  • Extraordinary performance (solving a major bug/completing work before time/ Client's endorsement)
  • Extremely punctual
  • Imbibing good culture trait (management's Discretion) in the organization
  • Years of Service Reward Program
We reward our dedicated employees in the form of incentives, awards, certificates, vouchers and goodies.


Mindpool believes that each employee existence is most vital for their success. Each position at Mindpool offers competitive salary and bonus plan, excellent benefits, and unlimited career potential. We provide array of benefits such as:

  • Medical and Accidental insurance will be provided to candidate
  • Compensation at par with the industry
  • Flexible Timings
  • Incentive or performance bonus pay
  • Employee referral bonus
  • Professional certifications / training
  • Stress free relocations
  • Exposure to work on overseas assignments
  • Work-life balance work culture

Employee Referral Program

MINDPOOL has hired 50% or more of their hires last year through Employee Referrals - this reflects the direct result of Company Reputation, Simplicity & constant communication. We are offering a cash incentive to any employee who refers a suitable applicant who is subsequently hired and completed 6 months with us.

What is the Employee referral program?

It is an opportunity to all employees to receive a cash reward for recommending friends & peers to apply for positions at MINDPOOL

Who can participate?

Only full-time regular staff members and Friends can participate in the referral program