Application Development Services

We at Mindpool have been providing cutting edge solutions to enhance operation and maximize return on investments. We have worked with the start-ups and Fortune 1000 companies and provided them with best-in-class products and applications.

We help our clients to lower investment costs, cut risks, get greater ROI and enable them to respond faster to market opportunities. We develop and support various software solutions.

Our Services includes:

Product /Application Development:

We develop applications and products that support your business processes. We deliver high quality, flexible applications and products that are reliable, easy to maintain, modular so as to facilitate enhancements, and are easy to deploy.

Our experts can create an architectural roadmap for you to align you with possibilities. We have experience in developing web, desktop and cloud applications that suits best for your organizations. Our experts also develops customized application that are finely matched with your requirements. Our application development methodology involves right from app designing, developing, coding, and testing to go-live. We provide faster application development so that our customers can meet their current and future business needs as soon as possible with significant savings.

ERP Integration with Non-ERP Systems

ERP systems automate business processes to increase business efficiency. Growing business demands make it important that ERP systems and other enterprise modules are integrated with other Non-ERP systems. Initially organisations start with installing ERP modules from same vendor but as the needs grow, companies purchase modules from different vendors and integrating them then becomes a necessity and a challenge.

We understands this challenge and help organisations to integrate their ERPs internally to data centres and externally to cloud based applications and mobile platforms that use evolving protocols. Our experts use proven tools and methodologies to integrate ERP with other systems. Some businesses use point-to-point integration while some choose to build adaptors. Our experts not only integrate systems but also help you unify your business data that allows you to utilize business applications to maximum and get the most out of your systems

Offshore/Offsite Database Development & Support

As per the requirement, we provide offshore - offsite Database development solutions to clients globally. Our offshore – offsite model helps you reduce your project costs and increase ROI. Our experts are flexible enough to provide the data development support reducing the downtime at client's end. Developing the database offshore helps is user adaptability. Communication is the critical factor while going for offshore/offsite database development. Our experts prefer documentation driven approach. We have the right processes, skillset, and infrastructure to help our clients in offshore/offsite development and support.

Remote DBA & OS Support

Our teams are capable of promoting remote DBA and OS support to the companies that need it, both in India and abroad. We monitor and maintain critical data across all the technologies. We enable you to get your data as and when you want it. We design alerts for your database that helps you to improve business operations. Tap into our experience and avail our facility of maximum availability.

We ensure that our support to you includes guaranteed response time, to requests for service and guaranteed response time for production outages. We offer proactive management software that monitors your database and alerts you when you exceed predefined thresholds. It is important for monitoring external components such as disk space and network response time.Our database administration supportincludes data integration, maintenance, migration and multilevel support services.