IT scene is changing at whirlwind speed and keeping pace with those changes is a big challenge to many organizations today. Mindpool Technologies understands the need of finding the right technology solutions for your growing business. Our team of experts will help you achieve your business targets on time, within budget and without compromising on quality.

Project Management

Successful projects result from quality investor engagement, research, insight, careful planning, implementation, and constant adjustments based on feedback.

We at Mindpool with a project life cycle approach help you manage your scope, budget and time, optimally. We ensure that there is a greater visibility and continuous feedback so that the bottlenecks in the project can be identified early and resolved quickly. Our experts can help you improve project and portfolio performance by guiding you in proper direction. They are tailored to address your individual needs and unique operating environments.

Our lifecycle project management approach includes project understanding, planning, designing, implementing, and concluding with proper governance in each stage.Our experts help you chose optimal portfolio of projects after studying organization’s adaptability, responsiveness and resourcefulness. We design the Project Management Solutions that helps you structure and analyze your resource management information and practices so that you are able to use every talent effectively.

Cloud Computing & Data Management

Cloud computing provides a highly flexible and agile environment that enables on demand infrastructure capabilities over the internet. Cloud is a major choice of many organizations as it can deployed easily with cost efficiency and minimal management effort. With more and more Industry leaders having data, applications and infrastructure in the cloud, services on cloud is increasing day by day.

Mindpool Technologies has end-to-end services in place to reach out potential market with a mix of cloud based services and customized data management solutions. We help you choose the right Cloud Computing and Data Management environment. Our experienced professionals Improve efficiency, increase flexibility, reduce costs and speed up deployment with Cloud Databases, Cloud Data Integration and Cloud Data Warehousing services.Our key offerings in cloud computing includes Cloud Assessment, Application Management, Data Migration, Integration and Cloud Infrastructure services.

We have the potential to help you handle large enterprise scale database, regardless the size of data available. Our experts can help you migrate the data without causing any disruption. We offer comprehensive Cloud Computing and Data Management Solutions. Our experts can identify and resolve critical database performance problems quickly and efficiently. They can redesign Data base schema, Roles, Configure and Design Data, configure back-up and recovery strategy, test, monitor and maintain data and help you with Data base setting and tuning.

BI/Data Integration/Data Warehousing

Mindpool’s Business Intelligence& DWServices can help establish process, technologies, and tools needed to turn data into valuable information assets. We help Enterprises across multiple industry verticals analyze the business crisis and then offer innovative business intelligence and analytical solutions which connects strategy with actions and create interaction between organizations Short-term and long term business objectives. Our BI services includes right from requirement study, planning or strategy building to evaluation.

Our BI/DW teamprovides you with right tools for processing and analyzing data that give actionable insights. Our Data Integration services combine data from different sources and provide users with a unified view of these data on demand. Theseservices help you simplify application upgrades, consolidation and retirement process. It enables collaboration between architects and developers. We help you store current and historical data for creating trends reports, annual and quarterly comparisons.


Mindpool helps you create dashboards, prepare reports, design user interface, create pivot table and graphs, KPIs and score cards, derive trends from real time interactive business dashboards that use data from applications and services, on your fingertips to make better managerial decisions. We also make sure your goals are being met, and if your corporate website is running properly, summarize data, and get alerts at critical data points, set periodic alerts for timely intervention and better management.

Our data experts can help you with migration across reporting platform, customized report development, design and delivery of different alert mechanism. We use tools like BO/Crystal Report, OBIEE & Cognos, SQL Server, Open source Jasper, Pentaho, BIRT etc.