IT Staffing Services & Solutions

Our staffing solution helps you get the right peoplewhen and where you need them. We understand your business requirements and your objectives and thrive to provide you the best fit for your needs. Over the years we have built a dedicated workforce with various technology experts. Regardless of whether you need IT resources for two months, two years, or need them on a permanent basis, our team of recruiting and staffing professionals is ready to support you with the best technology resources.

IT Staffing services have been key areas of focus for Mindpool Technologies. We have provided high-quality IT resources for many major companies across the globe.

Our Services includes:

Contract / Permanent Staffing Services

We can hire high-calibre teams or individual IT professionals for temporary or permanent support.Our talent management expertise ensures you receive the best IT talent and that your workforce is structured for a long-term success. Our permanent staffing services can help you build a team of industry experts that can be your competitive advantage.

Contract to Hire

Save the hours you routinely spend in screening, evaluating and interviewing candidates and let us handle your IT procurement headaches.We give our clients the benefit of analysing candidate before taking him/her on permanent payroll.

We hire the candidate on our payroll and benefit package for a stipulated time and you can observe the candidate and see if he/she is a good fit for your organization or not. When the contract ends and you choose to continue with the candidate, you can take him/her on you payroll.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We follow a highly focused and flexible RPO model to deliver highest quality talent with greater efficiency through our comprehensive talent acquisition solutions. We blend sourcing methodology with powerful tools and technology to drive greater engagement, enhance productivity and maximize return on investments.Our recruitment process outsourcing team works seamlessly within your HR management structure at our or your location as per the need.

Managed Services Programs

In Managed Service Program (MSP), we as a partner handle an organization's processes for engaging contingent labour and other free agents. We optimise the staffing supply chain, we streamline hiring processes, manufacturing processes, customer management processes and integrate a vendor management system (VMS) to create efficiency.